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Throughout history, there are those defined by courage, strength, and bravery. They stand devoted to a cause believing some things are worth fighting for. They don’t give up, they overcome. They don’t simply survive, they prevail. It’s a power within us all and it’s what Warrior Liquor was created to celebrate. So we invite you to pour a glass, then raise it high and toast the warrior in you.

We're Rich and Mary Clemson, founders of Liquid Brands Distillery and Warrior Liquors. As lifelong entrepreneurs, we know the importance of vision. And for us, that starts with our roots here in the Pacific Northwest. For more than two decades, we've built close connections with farmers, growers and suppliers in this region...and when we had the vision to create Liquid Brands Distillery, we knew these partnerships would help us create our premium liquors.


Our superb handcrafted spirits are best enjoyed over conversation. Our tasting room gives you the opportunity to connect with the ingredients, connect with the craftsmanship, and connect with the people who produce our spirits. We are a family-owned, small-batch craft distillery, so members of our family are always at the tasting room to trade Warrior stories. Come by to taste American Dry Gin, American Single Malt Whiskey, Rye Whiskey, Bourbon, Palouse Hills Wheat Vodka, Flavored Vodkas including Huckleberry, Blood Orange, Coconut, Grapefruit, Pineapple, Vanilla, Coffee and Spiced Cider.

Aaron Kleinhelter, Head Distiller

I’m a born and raised Kentuckian with bourbon in my veins. My background in the world of spirits started with growing up two miles from the main Jim Beam plant in Clermont, Kentucky. On days of high humidity, the smell of cooked corn and fermenting bourbons traveled to our home. It is a part of our heritage and culture that I am proud to represent. 

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After Graduating from Murray State University with a degree in Business and Marketing, I knew I wanted to work in the spirits industry. For three years I applied for any and all entry-level distillery positions I could find. With very few interviews, I initially faced the typical challenges applicants face: a lack of experience combined with companies’ unwillingness to train. But I’ve never liked being told my goals are unattainable, so I kept at it.

I was fortunate to acquire a position at a local distillery and also being accepted into a new distillation program with the University Of Kentucky. I always say being an Associate Distiller is the best place to start in the distilling industry. That’s where you gain experience using traditional techniques, relying on your senses to run equipment, and just making really good whiskey. For a year and half, crafting spirits at Kentucky Artisan Distillery and traveling to the University was my life.

Eventually wanting to learn new techniques, I transitioned to a new role as Assistant Distiller for Jeptha Creed, which was a new distillery at that time. For the next four years, I worked with some great individuals who expanded my knowledge and helped hone my skills.  

I continue to pursue and accomplish one goal after another to round out my knowledge of the industry. Most recently, I completed the Distilled Spirits Business Certificate from the University of Louisville and also obtained an International Certificate in Brewing and Distilling.
I am excited to bring my knowledge and experience to Warrior at Liquid Brands Distillery, whose ownership is likewise committed to create the very best quality of spirits available.


Aaron Kleinhelter

Be a Warrior. Conquer Life.

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